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a private nail art studio 

serving Shelburne, Mono, Orangeville, and Alliston

unique nail art done in studio in mono
welcome to the coven, nail Art Lovers!

The Nail Coven is a private nail art studio nestled in the rural woods of Mono, Ontario.


We specialize in natural nail care, Japanese gel, and hand-painted nail art.


Our goal is to elevate standard manicures while maintaining a comfortable and relaxed environment. Each luxury service at The Nail Coven includes natural nail analysis and preparation, a dry manicure with deluxe cuticle care, and a soft gel base. 

Plus some killer nail art, of course! Because at The Nail Coven, we don't do basic anything, which is why we include custom art with every manicure!

*The Nail Coven is undergoing renovations and will be closed until May 2024. Can't wait to see you then!*

the coven way

The Nail Coven brings a unique manicure service to Dufferin County, in more ways than one.  

Deluxe Cuticle Care

At the Coven, we're kind of obsessed with cuticles. Removing them, that is! We clean the nail plate, smooth any hard bits around the edges of your nails, then open up the side walls, and add a final buff around your fingertips that will amaze you.


Could we do less, go faster, and still deliver a great manicure? Of course. But we want to give you the best mani of your life! Slow and meticulous means that you'll leave with an incredible mani and the softest fingers, pinkie promise. 

Japanese Gel

Certified in the top three Japanese gel brands, we firmly believe in these “pure gel” products because they don’t contain solvents or other harmful additives. We've been in the nail world for a long time and tried it all. Japanese soft gel is a game-changer!


These innovative formulas are designed to preserve natural nail health, from the gentle preparation to the final topcoat. There is little-to-no smell and manicures typically last 3+ weeks, which stretches your investment. Plus the art possibilities are just about endless, thanks to the fine-detail capabilities. Basically, science is awesome and these brands are blazing a new trail.


We may use non-Japanese soft gel products for certain designs or specific colours, but anything directly touching your natural nail is a Japanese soft gel. 

Now that we've covered the differences in our services, let's get to the other good stuff! (Or maybe not good? We won't be for everyone and that's ok! There's a pot for every lid. We're looking for lids. Or pots? Unclear at present. Time will tell.)


A Fresh Salon Experience

The idea behind The Nail Coven is to transport you to another place and engage your imagination while getting a killer set of nails. From the moody wall paint and somewhat sinister botanical wallpaper to the vintage light fixtures and eclectic décor, you may wonder if you’ve stumbled into a secret apothecary. The Nail Coven isn’t just a salon, it’s an experience.


There's a TV and Netflix or whatever app you need to catch up on a show, or you can listen to a podcast, or chat, whatever you want to do! Quiet appointments are also an option, although we can't promise we won't talk to ourselves because that's definitely happening. 


One-on-One Environment

Another element that separates the Coven is the one-on-one environment. Health and safety precautions become paramount when your nail technician has a chronic illness (that's me, to be clear lol). For those who are immunocompromised, fearful of exposure to airborne infections and general germs, or wary of loud spaces with lots of hustle and bustle, our one-on-one environment will set you at ease.


Contact surfaces are disinfected after each client above public health requirements, masks are mandatory for everyone, and there is ample space to separate for snack and drink breaks. An industrial-grade air purifier runs constantly, in addition to heat or air conditioning. If you run hot or cold, we can tailor-make the temperature for you, which is particularly important for some with auto-immune disorders.  


Limited Bookings

In total, there's one appointment per day. That’s it. And it can be anytime between the hours of 9 -5, Tuesday to Saturday. 

The downside is that pre-booking appointments becomes extremely important in order to secure your preferred date and time. But the upsides far outweigh the irritations. 

With only one appointment per day, you won’t ever feel rushed. There will never be another client waiting behind you, eager for their appointment to begin. The reverse is also true, meaning you'll never have to wait for another client to finish. These situations are stressful for everybody involved, particularly the nail tech.


At the Coven, if your design takes a little longer than anticipated, that’s ok. There’s also time for a thorough consultation where we can narrow down art options and discuss any concerns. No rushing preserves the relaxed vibes and in the end, you'll have the nails of your dreams.

No Tipping

The unfortunate reality for many nail techs is the reliance on tips. It's unfair for the technician and the client because it's awkward and weird and we hates it.


Our experience, knowledge, investment in specialized and ongoing training, use of the highest-quality products that must be imported, and professional-grade equipment, combined with our incredible sense of humour, means that we charge our worth (jk the comedy is free, friends). A set of Japanese soft gel nails with detailed nail art is a luxury and priced accordingly. No tips needed. Again, we're going for relaxed vibes, not anxious mental calculations right at the end when you just wanna go home.

So if you prefer personalized one-on-one attention, a health-conscious environment, looking at cool stuff, and are ready for a fresh set of nails painted with the highest-quality gel products on the market, click the button below to browse the possibilities. 

custom nail art painted in Orangeville
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