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a private nail art studio 

serving Shelburne, Mono, Orangeville, and Alliston

unique nail art done in studio in mono
welcome to the coven, nail Art Lovers!

The Nail Coven is a private nail art studio that specializes in natural nail care, Japanese gel, and hand-painted nail art. Our goal is to elevate standard manicures while maintaining a comfortable and relaxed environment. Each luxury service at The Nail Coven includes natural nail analysis and preparation, a dry manicure with deluxe cuticle care, and a soft gel base. 

Plus some killer nail art, of course! Because at The Nail Coven, we don't do basic anything.

the coven way

We do things differently at The Nail Coven, and that's most apparent with our service options. Our narrow focus means we do one thing and we do it well. The Nail Coven is the only nail salon north of Toronto with certifications in the top three Japanese gel brands, and we're proud to bring these innovative products to Dufferin County. Click here to learn about the benefits of premiere Japanese gel and why you want it on your nails.

Are there any hard bits of skin around your nails that you wish would vanish?
Do you prefer personal one-on-one attention without feeling rushed?

Are you ready for a fresh set painted with the highest-quality gel products on the market?

If you answered yes to any or the above, click the button below to browse through the possibilities. If you aren't sure what you'd like, send me an email or DM on Instagram with your ideas and I can suggest the appropriate service. I can't wait to make some nail magic with you!

bridal manicure done in mono, ontario
nail art painted in luxury nail salon Shelburne, Ontario
deluxe manicure done in salon in alliston
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