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Please read before booking, as booking an appointment means you agree to abide by all policies.

The Nail Coven is a private nail art studio serving Shelburne, Orangeville, Mono, Alliston, and surrounding areas.


Masks are mandatory for the duration of your appointment, both for you and myself. If you don't arrive with a KN95, one will be provided for $2.50. KN95 masks can be worn multiple times, so you can use it for multiple appointments before needing a replacement.


While masks must be worn for the entire appointment, we can take breaks for drinks or snacks while maintaining an appropriate distance.

The Nail Coven uses an Austen Air purifier in addition to a dust collector for gel removals.

Should you feel unwell or exhibit any sign of illness, please reschedule. I will not work on sick clients and if you show up sick, I will cancel the appointment and any future appointments. I take the health of myself and clients very seriously.


If you arrive with visible signs of infection on your hands, rashes, open wounds, fungus, or extremely damaged nail beds, I will likely decline any service and you will lose your deposit. Should you have any concerns, please reach out with photos and a description at the time of booking to determine if service is possible or not.


The Nail Coven believes that nail art is for anyone who has nails and wants art. Hate speech in regards to racism, homophobia, sexism, ableism, covid-denialism, or any other area will not be tolerated. I reserve the right to refuse service at any time. 


As such, please note that I will not paint artwork related to HP or culturally-appropriated designs (eg. Skulls and flowers: yes! Sugar skulls: no)

Clients sit in an adjustable chair on wheels, without armrests. The cushion measures 24" wide and 17" deep. Weight capacity is 500lbs.

The entrance to The Nail Coven is around the back of a house and has two steps to get inside. Unfortunately, The Nail Coven is not wheelchair accessible.

Please reach out for any accommodations you need in order to relax and enjoy your appointment. No judgement, just sweet nails.


I'm happy to provide quiet services upon request, or play a movie/stream your fave podcast so you can zone out.


With proper aftercare, gel manicures should last 2-3 weeks, and structured bases should last 3+ weeks.

Proper aftercare includes wearing rubber gloves when cleaning or washing dishes, applying cuticle oil at least once a day, limiting prolonged water submersion, and not using your nails as tools. 

Aftercare Superstars often find their gel manis lasting 3+ weeks, and structured bases 4-6 weeks.

If your nails lift within the first 7 days during normal wear even though you're an Aftercare Superstar, I'll fix them free of charge. This only applies to lifting, not wear and tear.


A $50 deposit is required to confirm your appointment. 

E-transfer to I will reach out to confirm after I receive the deposit.

The remainder is due upon service completion and can be paid through e-transfer ​or cash.

I'll confirm once I receive the deposit. The deposit can be moved to a rescheduled appointment ONLY IF RECHEDULED within 48-hours. Otherwise, the deposit is forfieted and a new deposit will be required for a new appointment.


The deposit is non-refundable for cancellations within 48-hours.

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