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Custom Press-ons

For those who live outside of Dufferin County and can't make it into the studio, The Nail Coven offers custom press-on nails. These premium press-ons are professional grade, which are stronger than standard kits found in drugstores. I use the same products to paint press-ons as I do in the studio. 

Whether you’re an author who wants to celebrate your book release, a bookish fan who longs to feel closer to your favourite story, or a whimsical person who doesn't love nails all the time but has special event, press-ons are the perfect option. When used with sticky tabs, the nails are reusable and can be worn multiple times. Plus, it means you don't have to sit for several hours for an appointment. When the nails arrive, you just apply them and then get on with your day!


A minimum lead time of 3-4 weeks is required, longer if shipping outside of Canada. There are a couple of steps to choose your shape and length, and then I need your nail sizes. After that, the goal is to have them painted and in the mail within 10 business days. It adds up quick, so the earlier you order before your event, the better!


Prices for custom press-on nails begin at $100 plus shipping. Bookish press-ons begin at $150. All orders over $250 include a free sizing kit! Sizing kits can be purchased for $10, shipping included.

Sizing information is found below, along with an order form to get started on the press-ons of your dreams! 

Sizing Your Press-Ons

If you've chosen to include a sample sizing kit, here's all the information you need!

The goal is to have full coverage of your natural nail, up to the bottom of your free edge (the white tip) and a tight fit along the cuticle.

Line up the bottom of the press-on along your cuticle and check each side of the press-on to make sure your natural nail is covered without being too wide. Keep in mind that if you've chosen a narrower press-on shape like stiletto or almond, you will likely need to file the free edge of your natural nail in order for the press-on to fit. But the press-on should not begin to taper too far below your free edge. Filing the lower sides of your natural nails can hurt your nails. 

Measure the sizes for each finger on each hand, as sizes can differ. Please note your sizes for each hand, from pinky to thumb. The Nail Coven is not responsible for sizing issues, so it doesn't hurt to double check.


Once you have your sizes, send them to me at I can't wait to paint your press-ons!

Let's make some mani magic

Please fill out the form to get started!

Thanks so much for your interest! I'll be in touch soon!

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