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Manicure Tiers

When browsing the tiers, you'll notice a range of pricing. This is due to complexity of design and materials used, depending on your choice of art. All design ideas and budget will be agreed upon at the beginning of your appointment. No surprises, only awesome nails. Please keep in mind that appointment times will also vary. Art is a process! And if your hands need extra TLC, that'll take some extra time, too. 


If you're nervous about making an appointment because you bite your nails or cuticles, or feel embarrassed about your nails/hands for any reason, please rest easy. Life is hard enough. Zero judgement, here. We get it. After a few months of regular appointments, your nails can recover from just about anything, and we can make them look fabulous in the meantime.


In short: bring me your stubbies! (pun intended, always) We LOVE short nails. And if you want to grow them, also great! But shorties have a special place in our heart. Or is it a melody in my head? In any event, no matter the length, there’s always room for art. That's a nail crone guarantee!


First-time clients must come with bare natural nails: no gel, acrylic, or enhancements of any kind.

Please note I do not remove other nail tech’s work. 

Once you choose your appointment date and time, please send a $50 deposit through e-transfer to Your appointment will not be confirmed until I receive a deposit. Visit FAQ for more information about deposits. The remainder of the service price can be paid via e-transfer or cash. No credit cards (the merchant fees are bananas). 

Bookish Manis: This type of nail art makes my heart sing! Bookish-inspired manis can be done at any tier. Remember to bring the book with you please!! It's essential for colour matching. 

By booking an appointment, you agree to abide by all POLICIES

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