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The Nail Crone aka Jennie Shaw

The nail crone jennie shaw at nail salon in Alliston, Ontario

Hello, hello!

I'm Jennie, a freehand nail artist, certified nail technician, and the resident crone at The Nail Coven. For over a decade, I've painted tiny works of art on even tinier surfaces. Throughout my career, I've collaborated with major brands including China Glaze, OPI, and Picture Polish. Additionally, I've earned certifications from the largest Japanese gel brands, including Leafgel, Kokoist, and VETRO. I believe these innovative, luxury products are the future of natural nail care and I'm delighted to bring them to Dufferin County. 

Bookish-themed nail art is close to my heart and my work has been commissioned for national and worldwide publishing campaigns. Additionally, my bookish manis have been featured on Goodreads and in Modern Salon and Nails Magazine.

And now, I get to paint your nails in person! Whether you want super detailed art or a set of understated yet sophisticated nails, I'm up for just about anything. Bring in your inspiration or just an overall vibe and let's make some teeny-tiny art. Short, natural nails are truly my speciality!

As far as personalities go, I'm a fairly energetic and upbeat person. My fave topics to chat about are books, whatever you're streaming/watching, anything Bravo-related (Team Ariana, obvi), video games, silly stories that made you laugh, and detailed descriptions of any delicious food you've eaten recently. Oh, and Adam Driver. I can always talk about that brooding redwood of a man. 

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