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What is structured gel base?​

Also referred to as a gel overlay or builder gel, a structured gel base provides strength and structure to natural nails. At The Nail Coven, we use Japanese gel for all structured manicures. The difference between a standard soft gel base and a structured gel manicure is twofold.


First, it's applied in a thicker coat, which adds volume and a smooth, rounder shape to flatter natural nails. Secondly, the product can be manipulated to build an apex. This is a small but important factor because proper apex placement and height will dramatically increase the strength and durability of your manicure. If you want to grow out your natural nails, a structured gel base is the way to go, which is why we offer it at The Nail Coven! 

What's the difference between Japanese gel and North American?

While gel products may seem equal, it simply isn't the case. To begin with, Japanese gel is considered a "true gel." This means there are no solvents added to the gel to aid in quicker application. In other words, Japanese gel doesn't contain additives that dilute the gel. That means higher adhesion and pigmentation, resulting in longer-lasting nails. Additionally, Japanese gel offers the strength of a hard gel while being easy to soak off and remove. Structured gel manicures are also possible with these products, which encourages natural nail growth. 


In addition to lasting longer than diluted gels, the thicker viscosity of Japanese gel makes it superior for nail art. Similar to the texture of a sticky acrylic paint, these potted gels allow for far more detailed nail art. Since The Nail Coven is a nail art studio, we invested in top-of-the-line products in order to give you top-of-the-line results! The Nail Coven is also the only nail salon in the Headwaters Region with certifications from the top three Japanese gel nail brands: Leafgel, Kokoist, and Vetro. If you're paying for premium products, make sure your tech knows how to properly apply them!

I have short nails so is there room for nail art?

Yes! And shorties are our specialty! No matter the length of your nails, we can paint something awesome.


Can I bring a friend or child with me to my appointment? 

The Nail Coven is a cozy space with room for one client and the nail crone. There is no other area for people to wait. So unfortunately, additional guests are not permitted.

Why are all of your appointments so long? Can't I be in and out in an hour?

The Nail Coven strives to deliver high-end manis with show-stopping art, but a lot needs to happen before applying a base colour. Proper nail preparation requires multiple nail bits to remove cuticles from the natural nails, open up side walls, buff away dead skin and any cuticle nips, plus nail filing and shaping. We don't take shortcuts when it comes to prep!

Each tier also includes soft gel base, which must be applied in a particular way to reap the product's benefits. This process can take 90 minutes or longer, depending on the state of your nails and cuticles. Then it's time for base colour and art. Most clients sit for at least two hours, often close to three hours. Top-of-the-line products take time to apply. By investing in the process, you'll have a fresh set that lasts for weeks without damaging your natural nails. 

What areas do you serve?
If you're looking for a nail salon in Alliston, Orangeville, Caledon, Shelburne, or Mono, we're kind of in the middle! The Nail Coven is an at-home salon, so there is ample free parking.


Iron Widow bookish manicure painted in Caledon, Ontario
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