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Elevating Standard Manicures

Updated: May 17, 2023

custom nail art on a structured gel base painted in studio Orangeville, Ontario
Custom nail art inspired by a client's favourite leaves, on a structured Japanese gel base

When deciding on what services to offer at The Nail Coven, I thought considerably about what I wanted to add to the nail community of Dufferin County. Neighbourhood nail salons are a cornerstone of the industry and offer easily accessible nail care, manicures, and pedicures. Nail techs specializing in quick services with a smile are often our first introductions to fresh sets. I still remember the thrill of going to the salon and walking out with airbrushed French tips on my beloved square acrylics.

Fast forward to many years later *coughs in elder millennial* and suddenly, I was the one giving that feeling to myself, only with hand-painted nail art and Japanese gel. When I began painting nail art, I underestimated the joy pulsing through my body when others noticed my nails. Whether it be detailed florals, portraits, abstract, isolated chrome, or anything else I'd come up with, that feeling remained.

During COVID, I obtained my nail tech certification in order to share that feeling with others. The truth is, the world is a somewhat depressing situation right now (complacency is the enemy! Resist! But facts are facts). Having cute nails that made me and others smile became an addicting process and reconfirmed my commitment to spreading joy via nails.

I learned from years of experience painting tiny works of art that gorgeous nail art requires a solid foundation. Even the best, most intricately-painted design falls flat without proper nail bed and cuticle preparation. Clean cuticles, crisp nail shape, and flawless base product application are the crucial trifecta that elevates an ordinary manicure. Whenever I see an advertisement featuring polished nails with an uneven smile line (the polish closest to your cuticle that should be in a smooth semi-circle), hangnails, flaky dry skin, or overgrown cuticles, a little part of me weeps.

At The Nail Coven, we believe in tip-top deluxe nail preparation. To achieve this, we use multiple e-file bits to open up the cuticle pocket and side walls, exfoliate any cuticle off the nail, and buff away hard skin around the free edge. We also include a final fingertip polish, which removes dry skin to help prevent hangnails and peeling. These steps take time and specialized equipment, and no product has even been applied to the nail yet!

The Nail Coven includes Japanese soft gel for base coats, which requires a precise method to reap the product's benefits. Whether you choose to add a fully structured base or not, all Japanese gel creates a smooth, balanced, and strong base for nail art. The time required to achieve a set of well-prepared nails ranges from 60-75 minutes, depending on a client's nails. Then it's time for base colour(s) and art, which—you guessed it—also require a thoughtful amount of time and effort.

Appointment lengths are longer at The Nail Coven because of the deluxe nail care methods we include in each service. No matter the tier, the nail care process remains the same because our goal is to elevate standard manicures and deliver extraordinary results. Those results are not only the final look of your nails, but also how long your nails will last. Most clients average 3-4 weeks between appointments with minimal-to-no chips or breaks.

When you're ready for an elevated manicure, complete with custom nail art painted just for you, book an appointment to treat yourself. You deserve it!

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