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The Deal with Deluxe Cuticle Care

The phrase "deluxe cuticle care" is all over The Nail Coven website and in this post, we're breaking down what that means.

In essence, the cuticle is any growth of skin that covers the nail plate, while the harder semi-circle, sometimes called the cuticle, is actually the eponychium. Lots of nail jargon there, so here's a picture from NAILPRO magazine that shows them all.

diagram of the parts of the nail

Russian manicures are gaining popularity for their super clean look, achieved by removing the eponychium. Honestly, that makes us a bit nervous about possible infection, but we can't deny the beauty. Our deluxe cuticle care results in a similar appearance while keeping the eponychium intact, reducing hangnails, and maintaining moisture on your nail. Thanks to specialized "diamond" bits and an e-file, we can gently buff away dead skin and open the sidewalls (aka the lateral nail fold) to promote healthy nail growth. Additionally, e-file bits push back the eponychium and raise the proximal nail fold temporarily. All without cutting or nipping.

Cuticle care has come a long way, thanks to the development of e-files. Whenever you see ads for salons featuring dry manicures, they're referring to a service performed with an e-file. Some clients can be nervous about nail technicians using e-files, and we agree that anxiety is justified. These are powerful instruments that require training and practice. Damage from improper use includes the painful "rings of fire," and over-filed sidewalls will weaken nails, making them more likely to chip and crack.

At The Nail Coven, we use a gentle e-file method and high-quality bits specifically designed for natural nails. The advantages of deluxe cuticle treatments are numerous, and since pictures speak a thousand words, it’s best to show you.

natural nails before deluxe cuticle treatment performed at nail salon in Mono, Ontario

At almost three weeks since her last manicure, two fingers were in rougher shape, so we'll focus on them: middle and pointer. Note the hard skin in the lateral folds, minor cuticle growth, and the prominent eponychium.

natural nail after deluxe manicure at nail salon in Orangeville, Ontario

Zoom in, if needed, to see how the side walls and hard skin around the cuticle are virtually gone after the complete treatment. Raising the proximal nail fold, as visible by the shadow in the second picture, exposes more nail, allowing for closer polish application. When the proximal nail fold relaxes and falls back down, there's little-to-no gap of visible natural nail. Not only does this method achieve a crisp appearance, but it extends the manicure's life by minimizing the grow-out. And remember, no nippers or cutting occurred to achieve this high-end look.

natural nails before and after deluxe manicure at nail salon in Alliston, Ontario

Every tier of service at The Nail Coven includes deluxe cuticle treatment and nail preparation. It not only helps your nails look their best, but also encourages maximum product adhesion. Deluxe cuticle treatment and gentle nail preparation take time and are well worth the effort. Regular visits to The Nail Coven and daily cuticle oil will keep your fingers soft, supple, and seriously good-looking.

fun manicure painted in nail salon in Alliston, Ontario

Curious about what your nails could look like with a deluxe cuticle treatment? Browse through the service tiers to choose your level of nail art, and let's make some magic!

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